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Our process, your journey

Our mission is to dispel the fear and uncertainty often associated with dental treatment, empowering you to embark on a path towards greater confidence and well-being.

Throughout every step of your journey, we are committed to clear communication. We will thoroughly explain our proposed treatments and the reasons behind them, giving you the opportunity to share your thoughts and actively participate in the decision-making process. Our goal is to ensure you feel reassured and fully informed every step of the way during your treatment.

Book a consultation

It all begins with a friendly and informative consultation where we discuss your needs and preferences.

Your consultation

We arrange a convenient time for you to come in and meet one of our clinicians for a consultation about what you need and want from your treatment.

Discuss options with a 1,2 Smile dentist expert

Your clinician presents you with our findings, and talks you through your options for treatment and the costs involved. You will be fully involved in the decision-making process.

Treatment plan

We send you a full written plan detailing the treatment options we have discussed with you, giving you time to think everything over.

Get treated

When you have decided which options would be best for you, we will begin your treatment.

Maintenance & follow up

Following the treatment, you will return to the care of your dentist and oral hygienist. As a preventive measure you should visit the oral hygienist every 6 months and an annual dental check-up.

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1,2 Smile Patient
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1,2 Smile Patient
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1,2 Smile Patient
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1,2 Smile Patient

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