Britesmile Teeth Whitening

People spend money on a regular basis on maintenance of their homes, cars and gardens but also on their minds and bodies. Facials, massages, pedicures and manicures are part of most people’s daily living.

If you are a smoker or drink lots of tea, coffee or red wine, chances are that your teeth have become discoloured. By improving your smile you will not only lighten up your face but you will also improve your appearance and self esteem. Whiter teeth just look more vibrant than dull, yellow ones.

12Smile is an approved BriteSmile Centre and we offer this teeth whitening procedure which is available in over 80 countries but originated in the USA. Brite Smile offers a fast and easy solution for anyone looking for good results. Teeth can be whitened by more than 9 shades in an hour, but we need a little bit more of your time as there is quite a lot of preparation to do before the treatment can start.

No harmful UV rays are used- a gentle LED light is used. The Brite Smile gel contains 15% peroxide (compared to 35% of other light-activated procedures). Over 98% of the patients say they are very happy with the results, which last for several years.

Here's how it works:

  • We offer a free whitening consultation where your teeth and gums will be checked and we will determine whether you’re a good whitening candidate
  • The colour of your teeth will be determined and your “before” photographs will be taken.
  • Your teeth need to be cleaned by an Oral Hygienist of your choice before the whitening is done.
  • Your gums are protected with an isolation material and your cheeks and lips are covered with a protective barrier cream to keep it soft and prevent drying out. Protective eyewear will be placed on your eyes.
  • The Brite Smile whitening gel is then applied and activated by the LED light source.
  • After three 20-minute applications over an hour period, the procedure is complete. You can watch TV, take a nap or listen to music while you wait.
  • Thorough maintenance instructions will be given and you can now go home and impress your family and friends with your new smile.

Clinical testing has proven that the procedure is safe and sound. Brite Smile has no adverse effect on fillings and does not soften the tooth enamel, nor does it result in any structural change in teeth. In addition, the pH-balanced gel will not harm the gums, and because it is not swallowed, there are no side effects as is often associated with other teeth-whitening procedures.

The Brite Smile light is the only whitening light proven to kill bacteria found in the mouth with periodontal disease and gingivitis. Test results are available on the Brite Smile website. While whitening your teeth you are also improving the condition of your mouth. This makes Brite Smile not only a cosmetic procedure but also a benefit to your oral health.

The Brite Smile LED light technology, combined with the wavelength-specific gentle bleaching gel, have resulted in a revolutionary method of teeth whitening that is quick, safe and effective. For more information visit or call Christa on 072 1544 448 or 12smile at 011-7061101.

This is a quote from Mr Paul Dyer who was the winner of the Men’s Health Brite Smile competition after his Brite Smile treatment was done by Christa:

"The Brite Smile experience was not painful at all and actually very relaxing, I was a bit sceptical at first but was amazed at the result which exceeded all my expectations. Having pure white teeth has given me so much confidence especially when I smile. Thank you Brite Smile for an amazing product"